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A new Version of Caché Monitor is ready for download. Please save your if you have the driver settings changed. You find this file in the Caché Monitor installation folder.

By default this version comes with just three driver and driver settings:

For Caché 2011


For Caché 2008


For very old Caché installations <= Caché 5.2

If you need any other driver just add a entry to this file.

Changes in detail are:

  • V 1.62 (BETA) [24.10.2011]:

   - ENH  : TableViewer - Data not automatically loaded on Table Editor of performance reasons
   - ENH  : TableViewer - Data automatically loaded limited to TOP xxx be default of performance reasons
                          This solution is working faster with handmade SQL mappings in Cache
   - ENH  : TableViewer - Create DDL Script added
   - ENH  : TableViewer - Source View for DDL Script added
   - ENH  : TableViewer - Default TableMenu added to all popupmenus
   - ENH  : Query Analyzer - Create DDL Script added
   - ENH  : Query Analyzer - Font antialiasing activated
   - FIXED: Query Analyzer - Copy to table fixed
   - FIXED: Caché Monitor application folder name can contain spaces. Please test on linux, i've done a test only Win 7

Source View: