It is time to remove java PDF Print E-mail
Written by Andreas Schneider   

Ok the title of this post sounds a little dramatic ;-). Caché Monitor need a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to be able to function, that is no news. Unfurtunately there are many exploits that target vulnerabilities in Java.

So what can you do to secure your computer an still use Caché Monitor? There are three steps for this:

  1. Remove Java 6 and any older version completly!

  2. In order to ensure a secure computer i highly recommend to update to the latest Java 7 version. At this time the latest version is Java 7u15.

  3. Disable the Java Plugin for all your web browsers on your system.

What next? Do it now!

I will soon bundle Caché Monitor with a "private" JRE which is exclusively used by Cache Monitor and have no path or registry entries. With this solution it is possible to remove the public\normal installed java completly. After removing it there remains no vulnerability java plugin on you system.