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faqFAQ for Caché Monitor

This is a list of users' most frequently asked questions. By answering them i hope to clarify any doubts they may have regarding Cache Monitor for InterSystems Cache.


001 - Error by select the Namespaces node:

I'am using Cache 2009.1, apparently the application connects to the server however, when I try to click on the Namespaces node, the following error appears:

PROBLEM: com.intersys.objects.CacheException


Caché Monitor-Version 0.57

Java Version 1.6.0_15

VM Name Java HotSpot(TM)

Client VM Driver Version:2009.1.1.504

com.intersys.objects.CacheException at com.intersys.cache.jbind.ReadOnlyDatabase.parseStatus(ReadOnlyDatabase.java:1640) at com.intersys.classes.CPPStoredProc.getJavaClassDef(CPPStoredProc.java:1774) at com.intersys.cache.metadata.CacheClassMetadataImpl. (CacheClassMetadataImpl.java:87) at com.intersys.cache.metadata.CacheClassMetadataImpl. (CacheClassMetadataImpl.java:122) at com.intersys.cache.metadata.AbstractCacheClass. (AbstractCacheClass.java:47) at com.intersys.cache.jbind.JBindCacheClassNew. (JBindCacheClassNew.java:35) at com.intersys.cache.jbind.JBindDatabase.getCacheClass(JBindDatabase.java:414) at com.intersys.objects.CacheQuery. (CacheQuery.java:26)

Fix this behavior by changing the default namespace of the Server registration.
Please go to the Server Properties (right click on server node -> properties) and change the default namspace from %CACHELIB to e.g. SAMPLES.
You find more details about this topic: here

002 - Caché Monitor didn't start properly:

When I launch Caché Monitor, a splash screen is projected, but then nothing else occurs. If I check the process monitor on my XP machine, I see that CacheMonitor.exe is running, but nothing happens and there are no other screens.

This behavior occurs if you haven't extract the entire zip file from Caché Monitor. Caché Monitor are missing important files and can't start properly.
In the zip file is a folder called "lib" this folder is mssing in your installation folder.

Extract all files and folders from the zip file into you installation folder and start Caché Monitor again.

003 - Communication link failure


I can't connect to my Caché Server, i always get an "Communication link failure"


If you register a new server in Caché Monitor the default Port is 1972. This can be the wrong port!

If you get a "Communication link failure", please check the port first. You can do that by open the "Server properties" dialog:

port configuration

Here are some Information about the port handling in Caché:

Caché 2007.1 and above chooses the default ports for installation differently from previous releases. The new algorithm is:  If port 1972 is unused, choose it. Otherwise, choose the first available port number equal to or greater than 56773.

Caché 5.2 does it in this way:  Use 1972 or the first available subsequent number.

So you have to enter the right port number of your Caché Server to connect properly